Paula Campolargo, age 42, was born in Cantanhede, Portugal. When she was four years old, Paula’s parents moved to the United States to offer a better future for their two daughters. At age ten, Paula was diagnosed with chronic renal failure due to dysplastic kidneys (a malformation that occurs before birth).


Paula spent six months on hemodialysis before having her first transplant at age 25. She received a kidney from her mother, Nazare. It lasted an amazing 17 years. Eventually, though, her kidney began to fail, and in March, 2012, her fiancée’s mother donated to Paula through the National Kidney Registry’s exchange program. 


Things went well until an angiogram was performed 2 1/2 months after Paula's transplant. (An angiogram is a procedure in which a thin tube is threaded through a blood vessel.) During the angiogram, a stent was placed in Paula’s renal artery. Unfortunately, a few days later, the stent blocked blood flow to the kidney. Although she is lucky to be alive, sadly, Paula’s kidney had to be removed in May, 2012. As a result of this devastating circumstance, Paula is now back on dialysis three times a week. 


We are praying to find a new kidney soon. Paula’s blood type is O+, meaning that she can receive a kidney from a donor who has O+ or O - blood. However, a donor or any blood type can still donate through a paired or chain donation. In other words, anyone of any blood type can save Paula’s life. 


Paula is registered with Columbia NY Presbyterian Hospital. If you or anyone you know is interested in being tested, please contact the transplant center at 212-305-6469 and ask for Carmen or Jennifer. Mention that you would like to be tested to see if you are a match for Paula Campolargo. 


Paula herself can be reached at or 914-930-7961.


In addition, Facebook users can learn more about Paula and living donation at In addition to contacting Paula directly through Facebook, you can help spread the word by sharing her page with others.


We are born with approximately 4—5 times the kidney function we need for good health. So a person who donates his or her "spare" kidney still has 2-3 times the amount of functioning needed to live a normal, healthy life.1  Please consider sharing your the hero that Paula is looking for!


Paula and her family share a happy moment together.


1 Dr. Del Pizzo: Kidney Donation: Living with One Kidney