My name is Linda Wetherbee-McLaughlin, and I live in Michigan. I’m the mother of two daughters and four grandkids--ages 2, 7, 13, and 15--who are my heart and soul.


I was healthy and working full-time a little more than a year ago when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I was treated with chemo shots once a week. Unfortunately, the drugs caused my kidneys to shut down. I had many setbacks and was in the hospital for 110 days. I thank God, my family, and everyone who prayed for me that I survived.


The few family members I have left are not able to donate. So at the urging of my doctor, I am turning to the Internet to find a living donor. 


I have Type O+ blood, but because my transplant center at the University of Michigan participates in paired and chain donation, your blood type does not have to match mine. In fact, the most recent chain donation performed at UM enabled nearly a dozen people to receive kidneys. 


If you are interested in being tested as a potential donor, please contact my UM transplant coordinator, Ann Grey, at 734-615-1850. If Ann is unavailable, you may contact Ann’s supervisor, Melissa, at 734-615-0350. 


Even if you cannot donate, please share my story with others to help my donor and I find each other soon.

                                                        Thank you,

                                                        Linda McLaughlin