Good News! Amber received a kidney on April 4, 2013. She and a family member took part in a paired donation. Congratulations, Amber!

We received this update from Amber on May 13, 2013--about 5 weeks after her transplant. Here's what she says:

"We went back to the hospital last week. All is still great. Creatinine (a measure of kidney functioning) went down a bit! Woo hoo!  The doctor was so happy, I didn't even have to stick around to see the physician's assistant. Good news. I can have a glass of wine. How exciting. I asked about exercise; walking is all I can do for right now. Just have to watch my blood pressure and potassium. Scar is healing great. Can't believe it's only been a little over a month! Soon I'll be able to drive! All good stuff!"       




Amber, 37, has Polycystic Kidney Diease. PKD is a hereditary disease in which cysts form in the kidneys and reduce kidney function, eventaually leading to kidney failure. Soon, she will have to go on dialysis--which will limit her life severely.


Amber would like to have her life back. She wants to have the opportunity to have a normal day with normal problems and joys. Amber and her husband, Emil, are working with an agency to become adoptive parents. Amber would like the opportunity to be a mom, kiss little baby toes, gaze into little eyes full of wonder, and spend those rite-of-passage all-nighters feeding and soothing her baby. She deserves these things and will be an amazing, loving mother. 


But first, Amber needs her health. She needs a new kidney. Anyone with Type B or Type O blood can be a potential match for her. If you are interested in learning more about possibly donating to Amber, please call her transplant coordinator, Andrea, at New York Presbyterian Hospital at 212-746-3099.


                                                                                                                        Thank you!