NOTE: I regret that I am unable to accept additonal donor-search stories at this time. If you have not yet made a page on Facebook for your living-donor search, you can find directions for doing so here. You can also find a great deal of information on how to find a donor in the "For Donor Searchers" section of this site as well as on the LKDS Tools & Tips site. Feel free to keep checking back, as this may be only a temporary situation.                                                                                                                                                                         SK


Now, please, please, please use this checklist to be sure you have included all the details needed for your story. This will save both you and me the time and frustration of having to send questions and answers back and forth to each other. Many thanks!


  1.  _____ Word count:  Maximum of 675 words (excluding spaces) 

  2.  _____ First name     _____ Age

  3.  _____ City                 _____ State

  4.  _____ Married?        _____ Spouse's first name

  5.  _____ Children?      _____ First names      _____ Ages

  6.  _____ Interests        _____ How you spend your time

  7.  _____ Working?      _____ What kind of job--past or present

  8.  _____ Why you need a kidney

  9.  _____ Explain your disease simply & briefly; no buzz words

10.  _____ Previous transplant?     _____ Why transplant was lost

11.  _____ Lenght of time on dialysis

12.  _____ Length of time on waiting list  AND _____ Average length of wait in your area

13.  _____ Kidney exchange program? (paired or chain matching) 

14.  _____ If no kidney exchange program:    _____ Blood type     _____ Blood types who can donate

15.  _____ Transplant center:         _____ Name              _____ Internet address 

16.  _____ Living Donor Coordinator's name  

          _____ Phone no.    _____ 800-number (Important!)

17.  _____ Coordinator's  e-mail, if applicable  

18.  _____ Online intake form?      _____ Internet address



19.  If you want personal e-mail given:              _____ Address

20.  If you want Facebook kidney page link:     _____ Title     _____ Address

21.  If you want Facebook personal page link:  _____ Address 

22.  If news story or video about you:                  _____ Address  


STUFF I NEED (For my use only. Will not be listed unless given above.)

23.  E-mail address (if not given above):  _____ 

24.  Your Facebook kidney page:  _____ Title     _____ Internet address

25.  Your Facebook personal page (if not given above):  _____ Internet address


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