Submit your story and photos to me via message on the Living Kidney Donor Search Facebook page. Or, click the "Contact Me" button to the left. In addition, please send me the following:


1. An e-mail address (not just a Facebook page) where I can contact you. (I will not share your address with anyone else.)


2. If you want me to create a link to a Facebook kidney-search page, include the title and internet address.


3. If you want me to create links to your transplant center or a news story, send me the internet address.


4. Please include the internet address of your personal Facebook page if you have one. (I will not create a link to your personal page. This is for my use only. It helps me remember who is who.)


I work on stories/pages in the order I receive them. Usually, it takes only a few days, but sometimes I receive many at once, have other obligations, or am out of town. If you haven't heard from me within a week, send me a message on the Living Kidney Donor Search Facebook page.


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