Pictures make your story more personal. The more you can show yourself as a "real" person, the more easily a reader will be able to identify with you. Take the time to locate good, clear pictures. Avoid photos with large backgrounds that make you appear small. If you don't have good pictures available, take some. It will be well worth your time. 


1. Include a photo that shows a good, close-up view of your face. Make sure you're smiling or at least have a happy look on your face. The more appealing your picture, the more likely people are to read your story. (Take a look at the photos of People Searching for Living Donors. Which ones are you most inclined to click on?)


2. In addition, send 3 to 5 photos of you with family, friends, pets, or just doing everyday things. Again, avoid large backgrounds that make you look small. The size of these photos will be reduced to fit in the left-hand column of your page, so they are small to being with.


3. Please be sure to label the pictures so I know what to write for a caption. Tell who the people are (including first names) and something about when or where the picture was taken. 


Remember, your story will reach thousands more people by being posted both here and on the Living Kidney Donor Search Facebook page. The Facebook page is also the place where important information about this site is announced. If you haven't already done so, you can join the LKDS Facebook page by clicking HERE right now.


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