NOTE: I regret that I am unable to accept additonal donor-search stories at this time. If you have not yet made a page on Facebook for your living-donor search, you can find directions for doing so here. You can also find a great deal of information on how to find a donor in the "For Donor Searchers" section of this site as well as on the LKDS Tools & Tips site. Feel free to keep checking back, as this may be only a temporary situation.                                                                                                                                                                         SK


I’ve created the Living Kidney Donor Search (LKDS) with one goal in mind: to facilitate your search for that special person who is willing to give you the gift of life. There is no charge, and there are no catches. It's simply my way of paying forward the generosity that my living donor paid forward to me.


What's unique about this site is that it's both a search site and an educational site. You have a full page of your own where people can get to know you and see your picture. In addition, they can find answers to almost any question one could ever have about living donation. Further, this site links to Facebook so that your information circulates over the entire web and includes Facebook, rather than being limited to Facebook alone. By listing yourself here and directing people to your page, you increase your chances of finding a donor. It's how I found mine. The next few pages provide easy, step-by-step directions for how to be listed on this site and how to direct traffic to your page.


Two Locations

There are two Living Kidney Donor Search online locations:

* One is an entire website devoted to living donation (where you are now). The address is

* The other is a Facebook pageIt's an outgrowth of this site. The Facebook page is where donor searchers can find search tips, share information and experiences, and support each other.


If you haven't already done so, you can join the LKDS Facebook page by clicking HERE right now.



It Takes Some Effort to Find a Donor


Finding a living donor will take some time and effort on your part, but remember--your life depends on it! Some people are willing to do whatever work is necessary to find a donor, while others aren’t inclined to do much more than sit around and hope. Guess which ones find donors? 


By referring people to the site, you make it easy for them to get to know a little about you while learning the details of donation. Everything is all in one place--people don't have to scout the web endlessly to find answers to their questions.  



How to be Listed


You will need to write your story and submit some photos. A step-by-step guide to writing your story follows this page. But first, look at examples of others’ stories by going to Our Stories: People Searching for Living Donors. Click on some of the photos and read the stories. Notice which ones grab your attention and which ones you quickly pass by. Try to make yours similar to those that capture your interest. 




Go to Step 1: Write your Story




NOTE: The comment section below is not the place to write your story. Click on the picture directly above for the directions.