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National Kidney Foundation "Pen Pals" Program                                                                                             Enables individuals to correspond with each other privately. Facilitated by the NKF, allowing those seeking help to anonymously request a pen pal while allowing those wishing to help to choose with whom they would like to communicate.

National Kidney Foundation E-Mail Discussion Group

Organ Donor Meetup Groups                                   x                                                                                            x  Enables individuals to meet local organ donors. 

Living Donors Online Message Board                                                                               

National Kidney Foundation Forums (main directory)                                                                                      Patient, recipient, & donor-family forums; Transplant athletics forum; Meeting information 

National Kidney Foundation Living Donors (general living-donor forum)                               x                   General discussion; Financial, insurance, & employment issues; World news & events; Lung & liver forums 

National Kidney Foundation Living Donors Seeking Information                                                                 For potential kidney donors and those who want to help answer their questions

TRIO Lend a Helping Ear Program                                                                                                                            Matches people wishing to talk with someone with a similiar experience with mentors for communication via telephone.  

The Experience Project xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Networking for individuals to share experiences and connect with others around topics of common interest.(Easiest to locate by typing "living donor" or "living donation" into search bar.) Includes blogs. 

Transplant Buddies Forum and Chat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oriented primarily toward recipients but does include numerous topics of discussion of interest to living donors. (Easiest to locate by typing "living donor" or "living donation" into search bar.)

Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) Bulletin Board xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oriented primarily toward recipients but does include several boards of interest for living donors

Lotsa Helping Hands  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Enables creation of a web-based community to organize family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues–a family’s "circles of community" during times of need. May be useful for donors at the actual time of donation. 


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