ED BEHN (Chain Donation)


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1/14/19:  Much to my dismay, I've just discovered that Ed's video is no longer available. I'm trying to track it down because his story, in his own words, is exceptional. In the meantime, while there's nothing like "hearing it from the horse's mouth," below is a link to an excellent news account about Ed's donation.  sk

 The Gift of Life


Ed Behn wanted to change the life of someone who needed a kidney. He volunteered to donate to anyone in need and ended up playing the central role in what turned out to be a four-way exchange. He talks about why he donated, tells what is was like for him, and offers good, sound advice for anyone considering "even a remote possibility" of donating.  Ed is a simply delightful man who, regardless of your leanings, makes this seven-minute video well worth watching. Click Ed's photo to watch this amazing man tell his story.