What if friends or family are not in favor?


Often, an individual wants to donate, but his orfher family or friends are not in favor, adding a sometimes difficult dimensionfto the decision. As one donor states, “If you are seriously consideringfdonating a kidney, be aware there will always be people who will try to talk you out of it."l6  Most often, opposition arises from fear, misconception, and mythfabout kidney donation. As with any specialized field, the general public has not6been educatedfabout living donation, so these fears are understandable. Friends and family wholobject often feel more at ease after seeking out the facts and discovering that the risks are minimal. Still, it is important tofconsider theleffects that donation may have on family members and relationships with importantfothers. In the end, the only “right” decision is one withlwhich a person is comfortable.

Chaya Lipshutz, Kidney Donor SaveALife-DonateAKidney.com