I created this site in 2010, when I was in need of a living kidney donor. I wanted to tell people of my need, provide information for potential donors, and connect with people willing to consider donation. Thanks to a very generous woman who discovered this site via Facebook, my donor and I found each other! (You can read a news article about it, if you like.)

    Living-donor transplants are the most successful of all organ transplants, and a kidney from a living donor generally lasts twice as long as a kidney from a deceased donor. For this and a host of other reasons explained in this site, a kidney patient’s best chance for long-term survival, by far, is to receive a transplant from a living donor. Most people, understandably, don’t realize that donating a kidney is a relatively simple procedure these days. It’s a laparoscopic surgery—a minimally invasive technique that causes much less discomfort than in the past, as well as shorter hospital stays and recovery time. 

    My donor lives 1,000 miles away—in Florida—and didn’t even know me at first! She donated out of the pure goodness of her heart. If you’ve been directed here by someone needing a kidney, please give serious thought to becoming a living donor. You will change many lives—yours, the recipient's, and everyone who knows and loves your recipient—in a way that no other person can.

    While not everyone can donate a kidney, you can play a vital role by encouraging everyone you know to visit this site. Each time one more person tells just one other, the chance of a kidney patient and that very special person finding each other doubles. You may be the single key or one of many; either way, your efforts will contribute to someone’s best chance for survival. For whatever help you lend— large or small—on behalf of all those awaiting the gift of life, I thank you.


                                                                                                     Suzanne Kloss                                                                                                       MSW, LISW



I received a kidney from Michelle (right) on April 26, 2011, and we both continue to do very well! Michelle was in the hospital 2 days (typical), and within 3 weeks,, she was race-walking a 14-minute mile. Three weeks later, she resumed her former running schedule of 5K every day!